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One of the most difficult and complicated referencing styles: APA. APA reference format is published by the American Psychological Association. There are 7 editions of the APA referencing style. The recent edition (7th edition) came out at the end of 2019. It is the most recent format followed to write APA references in certain countries.

APA Is The New Black!

APA is on the rise as a referencing style and only students will know how fast APA has spread as a default referencing style across every academic level and institution. With the emergence of a new APA referencing edition every other year, students constantly have to go through perfecting a new referencing style.

This leaves students in a dire need of an APA referencing generator to help them get the format right every single time. UKAssignmentHelp has answered the long begged prayers of students and is providing them with an easy-to-use APA 6 reference generator. With the help of this reference generator, students will perfectly reference their work without breaking a sweat!

APA Citation Generator: The Ultimate Guide!

The troubles of stumbling through the reference list are a thing of the past. Because UKAssignmentHelp understands that students have an urgent requirement of someone who can write their APA references for them. We present you with the perfect solution to all APA referencing troubles: the APA reference generator.

Easily Complete The Reference List!

APA citation generator is an easily operated reference tool. You just have to select the type of work you are referencing and then put in the name of the author, title of the work you’re citing, the year of publication, name of the journal, and page numbers of the research paper. Put all that in? Then don’t wait and press the generator button. And voila! Now you have a perfectly written 6th edition APA reference.

That wasn’t difficult now, was it?

Don’t Forget the In-Text Citation!

Before you dust your hands off that assignment, wait up! You are forgetting an important part. Can’t recall? Let us remind you of in-text citation. Did you reference your work in the text body or you forgot it like every time? It’s alright you can get this done right now, it isn’t too late yet.

Not sure how to do APA in-text citation without APA referencing guide? Don’t worry we are still with you and have you perfectly covered!

In-Text Citation APA Referencing Style

APA in-text citation must be looking hard without an APA referencing generator but as we said before, no need to feel let down, we have your back!

We will introduce you to the world of APA in-text citation and you will be able to write them like a pro! Even if you are able to write them but experience several doubts during the process, this will jog up your memory!

Let’s Start On The Right Foot!

Let’s work from the very start in reviewing how you will write those in-text citations in perfect APA 6th edition format.

One Author

Format for citing one author in the text body.

Parenthesis open Author last name Punctuation mark (comma) Year of publication Parenthesis close
( Frost , 2019 )

Two Authors

Format for citing two authors in the text body.

Parenthesis open Author last name Punctuation mark (comma) Year of publication Parenthesis close
( Frost & Manner , 2019 )

Three to Five Authors

Format for citing three to five authors in the text body.

Parenthesis open Author last name Punctuation mark (comma) Year of publication Parenthesis close
( Frost, Manner, Kelly, Peters & Burns , 2019 )

Six or more Authors

Format for citing six or more authors in the text body.

Parenthesis open First author last name and et al Punctuation mark (comma) Year of publication Parenthesis close
( Frost et al. , 2019 )


If you are citing the information with the author’s name in a paragraph, only write the year of publication in the parenthesis.

Example: Frost (2019)

If the cited information is provided by an organization only write abbreviations in the second time citation.

Example: First Citation- American Psychological Association (2018)

Second Citation- (APA, 2018) or APA (2018)

If there are two or more than two authors in parenthesis then use a semicolon to divide both authors.

Example: (Frost, 2019; Manner, 2019)

If you are citing authors with the same last name use their first initials to remove any confusion.

Example: (J. Frost, 2019; P. Frost, 2019)

In case of citing different work from the same author published in the same year, use alphabet letters to differentiate between them.

Example: (Frost, 2019a) (Frost, 2019b)

Citing work with no date, write n.d. instead of the date.

Example: (Frost, n.d.)

When citing information from a website with no author, use the name of the website as the name of the author.

Example: American Psychological Association (2018)

APA 6th Reference Generator to the Rescue!

Now you can successfully put in-text citation according to APA 6th edition referencing style. An important thing to remember is: APA 6th reference generator will rescue your reference list from getting tanked but you will have to remember to put all the in-text citations in the reference list. Sadly, no software can do this for you.

Reference Tools on Other Websites

There are multiple websites offering different referencing styles but remember not to compromise quality with quantity. When many different services are offered across similar spectrums, some things are bound to go wrong. UKAssignmentHelp’s APA website reference generator works smoothly and it will never supply you with a problematic and botched reference list.

Beat the Deadlines!

After following through with the guide of in-text citations and the help of the perfect reference generator APA 6th edition, beating the deadlines will become an easy task. Your assignments and research papers will be never held up because you can’t figure out the right way to cite APA. The perfect treat is that the reference generator APA style is so easy to operate that you will not need to put a bunch of information in, for it to deliver perfect results. It’s a total free-of-cost, a user-friendly referencing tool that will always help you write your assignments and research papers on time!

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