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Pros and Cons of AI Assignment Writer by Experts

Pros and Cons of AI Assignment Writer by Experts

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We are living in the times of Artificial Intelligence vs. Human Intelligence. It has all come down to the point where we are discussing; which is better. Which one must be preferred more often? Which one must not be given so much power? So many such questions and debates have been going on since the introduction of AI. Some people have good opinions about this, some have negative opinions, while some are still not sure. At the end of the day; it is all about trust.

 “If people trust artificial intelligence (AI) to drive a car, people will most likely trust AI to do your job.” – Dave Waters

With the introduction of each new application of AI; a new debate arises. The best solution to these debates is to highlight the pros and cons of the new application and then let the people decide for themselves. Students have built their trust in Assignment Experts writers for quite some time now but now a new tool of AI has been introduced, it is an AI which writes for you. In order to understand whether the tool is actually beneficial; let’s look into its pros and cons.

What is an AI assignment writer and how does it work?

An AI assignment writer free or premium version is a computer program or system that creates written content for academic assignments and other sorts of writing tasks. These artificial intelligence systems are made to replicate human writing patterns and produce text that seems to have been written by a human. The following systems are involved in order to operate this tool:

Data collection: AI assignment writer free as well as premium versions are trained using large datasets of written texts, including;

  • Academic papers.
  • Essays
  • Articles
  • Other academic sources.

The training data is used to teach the AI model about language patterns, grammar, and writing styles.

Natural Language Processing: Natural language processing is a key component of AI which writes for you. It allows the AI system to understand and analyse human language that enables it to process, as well as, generate text in a way that is contextually appropriate.

Language model: AI assignment writers are typically based on sophisticated language models. These are the deep learning models capable of generating human-like text based on the patterns they learned during training.

Prompt input: Users provide the free AI assignment writer with a prompt for their assignment. The prompt can be a question or a general topic that the user wants the AI to write about.

Text generation: The AI model examines the data after receiving the prompt. It considers the surrounding situation and then produces a response based on its training. It makes an effort to write a focused essay that is both logical and contextually appropriate.

Output review: The user is then shown the generated material so they can study it and make any necessary changes or additions. The desired output’s complexity and length can both be specified by the user.

Pros and Cons of taking the assistance of assignment writer AI tool

Premium as well as free AI assignment writer tool comes with a set of advantages but there surely are some cons to it as well. This is why; the AI writing tool must not be used as an alternative to your writing tasks but it can be used as a supplement that can guide you along the path of writing. In this way; your task will be eased and the human touch will be reflected in your writing as well. Some of the potential pros>of this tool are:


The capacity of the AI assignment writer tool to save students’ time is one of its main benefits. Students don’t have to go through all those steps to write assignments or their academic tasks as they will be automatically written by the tool. In this way; they can finish projects more quickly. This will enable them to devote more time to other academic tasks and extracurricular pursuits.


When you have access to free AI tools for content writing or academic writing, you can definitely better manage the workload. This will keep a healthy work-life balance for the students and enable them to focus on multiple tasks; all thanks to the efficiency of the AI writing tool.

Assistance for struggling students:

Students who struggle to articulate their ideas clearly or who are underprepared in a particular subject area can benefit most from using AI tools. These resources offer guidance and regular material to help struggling students develop their writing abilities, as well as, subject knowledge.

Enhances writing skills:

Contrary to popular assumption, free ai tools for content writing as well as academic writing can help students improve their writing abilities. Students can learn about excellent writing strategies and citation practices by examining the AI-generated text. They can eventually apply these ideas to their own writing, which will enhance their overall proficiency.

Provides access to vast information sources:

AI tools for assignment writers have access to large databases and web sources, allowing them to deliver thorough and current knowledge on a variety of themes. Students’ viewpoints can be expanded and their assignments’ substance can be improved with this access to a variety of material.

Reduces academic stress:

Students frequently experience academic pressure, and AI systems can aid by lightening the load of assignment completion just like Assignment Experts. Students’ motivation and self-confidence may increase when they realise they have a trustworthy instrument at their disposal.

Everything comes with its possible set of cons and then the individual has to weigh whether the cons are more than the pros or vice versa. This will allow you to make a wise choice. The possible cons for taking assistance from AI writing tools are:

Risk of plagiarism:

As AI tools are accessible to all, especially the free version, there are high chances of plagiarism in the content produced by them. The possibility of plagiarism is one of the biggest issues with AI assignment writers as it is not Custom Assignment. The content produced might overlap with current sources because these techniques access such large informational resources. Inadvertent plagiarism by students could have serious academic repercussions and jeopardise the integrity of the educational process.

Lack of critical thinking development:

When a student has a tool that can instantly give answers to his queries then he will rely on the tools more than his critical thinking ability. Using a lot of AI tools can make students less inclined to conduct independent research and think critically. Such convenience of the tools could encourage a passive learning style, which would prevent students from mastering critical thinking and problem-solving techniques.

Unreliable content quality:

Although AI technologies have advanced significantly, they are not perfect. The generated content’s quality can vary greatly, and students might be given incorrect or irrelevant material that causes them to misinterpret the assignment’s criteria.

Ethical issues:

One of the biggest concerns for using AI writing tools is morality. A lot of people find it extremely unethical, especially when it is an academic project. As the distinction between genuine student work and artificially generated information is blurred when using AI technologies to perform assignments, this can provide ethical problems. Students who put forth the time and effort to complete assignments individually may find this practice to be unfair.

Limited knowledge of the subject:

AI technologies could find it difficult to understand the subtleties of complex or specialised subjects. In these situations, the support offered could be skimpy or fall short of what is needed to fully address complex concepts.

How to use AI writing tools effectively while considering ethical issues?

In order to use AI writing tools effectively; caution must be taken and students must never rely completely on the tools. They must remember that these tools are just a supplementary aid rather than a customised professional writer. So; make use of the research work produced by the tool while keeping in mind the limitations of the tool. Add proper citations and make sure to balance the assistance of the AI tool with your personalised learning in order to produce effective results.

Some of the best assignment writer AI tools:

There are some such AI tools that will enhance your content while some will write the whole content for you. Each tool comes with its own set of features that allows free trial for some time and after that, some tools need to be bought while some can be used throughout. AI tools are continuously evolving but some of the best ones produced as yet are:

Grammarly: While Grammarly is primarily known as a grammar and spelling checker, it can be a useful tool for assignment writing. It helps to identify and correct;

  • Grammatical errors.
  • Punctuation issues.
  • Writing style improvements.

The premium version offers more advanced features such as vocabulary enhancements and plagiarism detection.

ProWritingAid: ProWritingAid is a comprehensive writing assistant that checks for;

  • Grammar.
  • Style.
  • Readability.
  • Plagiarism.

It also provides detailed reports on your writing, including overused words, sentence structure, and writing suggestions.

Turnitin: Turnitin is one of the most popular plagiarism detection tools used by educational institutions. It helps ensure the originality of your assignment by comparing it to a vast database of academic and online content.

EssayBot: EssayBot is an AI-powered tool that generates essays on various topics. It can be helpful for;

  • Generating ideas.
  • Providing a basic outline.

However; it is essential to use it responsibly and not submit the generated content as-is without proper citation and review.

BibMe: For assignments requiring citations and references, BibMe is a useful tool. It helps generate accurate citations in various citation styles such as;

  • APA referencing style.
  • MLA referencing style.
  • Chicago referencing style.
  • Harvard referencing style, etc.

Evernote: While not exclusively an AI tool, Evernote is a powerful note-taking app that can help you organise your;

  • Research.
  • Notes.
  • Ideas for your assignments.

Cite This For Me: This tool is another citation generator that supports a wide range of citation styles, making it easier to create bibliographies and reference lists.


No matter; how much one denies it, it is a fact that AI has brought a lot of ease into our lives. It might come with a list of setbacks but there are times when its advantages overtake the flaws, especially in the case of AI writing tools. We would recommend students use this tool; but while keeping in mind the limitations of the tool and adding a personalised touch to it. Only then; students will be able to do justice to their academic tasks.


Can we use AI for writing assignments?

Yes! AI tools can definitely be used for writing assignments as well as for improving the quality of the assignment.  They can generate content for you, can research on your behalf, and can edit as well.

Which is the best free AI Assignment writer without plagiarism?

Even though; no AI writing tool can ensure plagiarism-free content but still, among the list, some of the best ones include:

  • Textero AI.
  • Quilbot
  • Jasper AI.
  • Rytr.

Where can I find a writer to help with an assignment?

If you want to hire a professional writer for your assignment writing then you can take assistance from authentic online platforms like “UK Assignment Help” but if you want assistance with online AI tools then you can find many by searching for it on the search engine.

Is assignment writing service good for students?

Taking online writing services from professional writers is an excellent opportunity for students who have poor writing skills or who have time restrictions to write extensive academic projects. Professional writers provide you with quality content within the given deadline.

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