Explain Own Role and Responsibilities in Safeguarding Individuals

Course – Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care

Unit 201 – Safeguarding and Protection in Care Settings

Learning Outcome 1: Understand Principles of Safeguarding Adults

Assessment Criteria 1.2: Explain Own Role and Responsibilities in Safeguarding Individuals

Explain Own Role and Responsibilities in Safeguarding Individuals

1.2 Explain Own Role and Responsibilities in Safeguarding Individuals

As a caretaker, you are accountable for legal obligations pertaining to the protection of vulnerable persons from abuse and neglect. You must comprehend this legal structure in order to act in your patients’ or clients’ best interests. We will explain own role and responsibilities in safeguarding individuals according to care act.

The Mental Health Capacity Act of 2005 and the Care Act of 2014 outline;

“Legal requirements for how professionals should assist in defending individuals and children who are at danger of abuse and neglect.” Let’s explain your role and responsibilities in safeguarding individuals, following are the legal obligations of care providers:

Duty to Safeguard:

You have a “duty to safeguard,” which requires you to take reasonable precautions against abuse or neglect of those who may be vulnerable. For instance, you might recognize when children or vulnerable adults require protection. Any action you take must be ensured to stop abuse or neglect. Even if the youngster does not ask for assistance, you still have a “duty to safeguard” if they are being harmed.

Promote an Individual’s Wellbeing:

You have a responsibility to “promote an individual’s wellbeing,” which involves helping people. You will be responsible to help individuals live satisfying lives to keeping them safe from danger. Make an effort to comprehend what matters most to someone before assisting them to participate in life choices. Encourage them to be as independent as you can, and offer guidance on how to use community resources.

1.2 Explain Own Role and Responsibilities in Safeguarding Individuals

As a care provider, you have various responsibilities connected to your patients or clients at risk of abuse and neglect, including:

  1. According to Section 47(2) of the Care Act 2014,

‘If a person has been determined to be at risk of abuse and needs assistance. The care agency is required to take into account any recommendations made by social services; in order to meet their requirements and respect their right to express preferences. You should not capture someone’s data if they do not consent to it being done.’

  1. You must be aware of the laws in effect that are intended to protect adults who are vulnerable to abuse and neglect. This will help you recognize situations where your intervention is required.
  2. Adult Social Care will call the police and perhaps place an Emergency Protection Order. If an Adult Safeguarding referral is made and they believe, immediate action is necessary. This demands removing the vulnerable adult from their residence and placing them in a secure location while additional inquiries are made.
  3. The agency is legally required to ensure that the proper steps are done; if someone exposes information regarding ongoing abuse and/or neglect. Before sharing the specifics of the discloser with others, you should first speak with your manager to get more advice on what to do next.
  4. Anyone who could potentially abuse or neglect an adult should not be given access to them. Additionally, you must take reasonable care to avoid putting those who have mental health issues at danger of self-neglect.

Prioritize Health and Safety Compliance

You must make sure that any equipment or medication you use is used in accordance with the current legal requirements for health and safety. Use only the tools you have been taught to use, and only administer medication as directed by a physician or other healthcare provider.

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