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Top 10 Best Dissertation Topics for International Business Students

Top 10 Best Dissertation Topics for International Business Students

Dissertation Topics for International Business Students

In the dynamic and interconnected world of business, international markets play a crucial role in shaping global economies and driving business growth. Aspiring students in the field of international business face the exciting challenge of delving into complex topics that explore the intricacies of cross-border trade, cultural diversities, and global economic trends. Choosing a compelling dissertation topic or write my dissertation services is paramount, as it not only demonstrates a student’s expertise but also contributes to the advancement of knowledge in this ever-evolving field.

The purpose of this guide is to give International Business Student a compiled list of the top 10 dissertation topics that capture the interest and encourage critical thinking. These subjects span widely, from market entry tactics to the influence of technology on international corporate operations. Each subject has a distinct viewpoint and promises to produce insightful information for the field of global business.

The following list is meant to serve as a jumping off point for investigation and intellectual curio as students go out on their journey to choose international business dissertation topics. The ultimate objective is to motivate students to choose a subject that speaks to their interests and passions, enabling them to make significant contributions to the fascinating field of international business.

What is dissertation?

A doctorate, master’s, or undergraduate degree requires the successful completion of a dissertation, which is a formal and substantial academic research paper or document. It usually represents the result of a student’s independent work and makes a substantial addition to the subject. A dissertation serves as evidence of a student’s capacity for doing original research, data analysis, and scholarly presentation of findings. A literature review, study methodology, data analysis, discussion of the findings, and conclusions are frequently included. Depending on the academic level and discipline, a dissertation’s duration and specific criteria may change.

10 dissertation topics for international business

  1. An examination of multinational corporations’ approaches to market entry and expansion is presented in The Impact of Globalization on International Business Strategies.
  2. Corporate ethics and social responsibility in international business and Sustainable Development in Global Business: A Comparative Analysis of Firms Operating in Diverse Cultural Contexts.
  3. How technology and digitalization may improve global supply chains and logistics.
  4. The Challenges of Cross-Cultural Communication in Global Business: A Case Study of Effective Approaches.
  5. Examining how political and economic factors affect decisions about FDI in emerging markets.
  6. Examining how trade agreements affect global business operations and market access.
  7. The Function of International Marketing Strategies in Increasing Market Share and Market Entry.
  8. assessing how e-commerce and online retailing have affected international business practices.
  9. Examining How Global Talent Management Can Help Multinational Corporations Attract and Retain Skilled Workers.
  10. The Impact of Diversity Management and Cultural Intelligence on international ethics and social responsibility Team Performance in Global Organizations.

How to choose the best Dissertation Topic?

Choosing the best business dissertation topics for international business requires careful consideration and research. Here are some steps to help you in the process:

  1. Identify Your Interests: Start by considering topics that genuinely interest you. Think about the areas of international business ethics and corporate social responsibility that you find fascinating and would like to explore further.
  2. Conduct Background Research: Research current trends, issues, and challenges in international business. Read academic journals, news articles, and books to gain insights into potential research areas.
  3. Define Your Research Objectives: Clearly define what you want to achieve with your dissertation. Are you looking to contribute new knowledge to the field, solve a specific problem, or explore a particular aspect of international business?
  4. Consider Relevance and Impact: Choose a topic that is relevant to real-world business scenarios and has potential implications for the global business community. Consider how your research can contribute to the advancement of international business ethics and corporate social responsibility practices.
  5. Evaluate Feasibility: Assess the availability of data and resources for your chosen topic. Make sure you can access relevant data and conduct research effectively.
  6. Seek Guidance from Advisors: Consult with your academic advisors or professors to get feedback on your proposed topics of ethics and social responsibility in international business. They can offer valuable insights and help you narrow down your options.
  7. Avoid Overly Broad or Narrow Topics: Strike a balance between a topic that is too broad, which may lack focus, and one that is too narrow, limiting your ability to explore different aspects.
  8. Be Open to Iteration: Be open to refining and modifying your topic as you progress in your research. Sometimes, new information may lead you to adjust your research focus. Or you can just go online and hire dissertation writers.
  9. Consider the Practical Implications: Think about how your research findings can be practically applied in the business world. Topics with practical implications of ethics and social responsibility in international business are often more appealing to readers and potential employers.
  10. Stay Updated: Keep yourself updated with the latest developments in international business. New trends and emerging issues may inspire you to consider fresh and relevant dissertation topics.

You can choose the greatest dissertation topic that fits your interests, adds to the field of international business ethics and corporate social responsibility, and exhibits your research skills by following these procedures and carefully taking into account the aspects indicated above.

Pitfalls to avoid while choosing dissertation topics for IB

When choosing dissertation topics for international business (IB), there are certain pitfalls to avoid to ensure you select a strong and suitable topic. Here are some things not to do:

  1. Choosing Overdone Topics: Avoid selecting topics that have been extensively researched and covered in existing literature. Aim for originality and uniqueness in your research.
  2. Ignoring Relevance: Don’t pick a topic that lacks practical relevance to the field of international ethics and social responsibility. Ensure that your research has real-world implications and can contribute to the industry.
  3. Being Too Ambiguous: Avoid selecting overly broad or vague topics that lack focus. Your research should have a clear and specific research question that you can investigate thoroughly.
  4. Ignoring Feasibility: Don’t choose a topic without considering the availability of data and resources needed for research. Ensure you can access relevant information to support your study.
  5. Disregarding Your Interests: Avoid selecting a topic solely based on what you think might impress others. Consider your own interests and passions, as this will keep you motivated throughout the research process.
  6. Neglecting Academic Guidelines: Make sure your topic aligns with the guidelines and requirements set by your academic institution. Ensure it fits within the scope and objectives of the program.
  7. Selecting Controversial Topics without Preparing: If you choose a controversial topic, be prepared to handle the challenges and potential biases that may arise during your research.
  8. Overcomplicating the Topic: Avoid selecting topics that are too complex or beyond your level of expertise. Your research should be manageable and feasible within the given timeframe.
  9. Disregarding the Audience: Consider your target audience, including your advisors and potential readers. Choose a topic that interests them and aligns with their expertise.
  10. Underestimating the Time Commitment: Be realistic about the time and effort required for your chosen topic. Avoid selecting topics that may require extensive research beyond what is feasible within your timeline.

You may make sure that your international business dissertation is pertinent, manageable, and significantly contributes to the field of study by avoiding these typical blunders. Before beginning your study, carefully consider and refine the topic you have chosen.

Benefits of Writing a Dissertation

Writing a dissertation offers numerous benefits for students and researchers, including:

  1. In-Depth Knowledge: Dissertation writing requires extensive research, enabling International Business Student to gain in-depth knowledge of their chosen topic and the broader field of study.
  2. Critical Thinking: The process of formulating research questions, analysing data, and drawing conclusions encourages critical thinking skills and the ability to evaluate complex information.
  3. Problem-Solving Skills: Dissertation writing involves addressing research challenges and finding solutions, enhancing problem-solving abilities.
  4. Research Skills: Students develop strong research skills, including data collection, analysis, and interpretation, which are valuable in both academic and professional settings.
  5. Original Contribution: Dissertations often require students to explore new aspects of a topic, allowing them to make an original contribution to the existing body of knowledge.
  6. Time Management: Completing a dissertation requires effective time management and organisation, valuable skills in any career.
  7. Writing Proficiency: Writing a dissertation hones academic writing skills, improving communication and articulation abilities.
  8. Presentation Skills: Defending the dissertation in front of a committee helps develop presentation and public speaking skills.
  9. Future Opportunities: A well-written dissertation can open doors to academic and professional opportunities, including publication and research positions.
  10. Personal Achievement: Successfully completing a dissertation is a significant personal accomplishment, boosting confidence and self-esteem.
  11. Career Advancement: For researchers, dissertation writers and scholars, a strong dissertation can enhance credibility and pave the way for career advancement.
  12. Networking: Dissertation research often involves collaborating with experts and peers, fostering valuable professional connections.
  13. Intellectual Growth: Engaging in a comprehensive research project contributes to intellectual growth and a deeper understanding of the subject matter.
  14. Practical Application: Findings from the dissertation can be applied to real-world situations and inform decision-making processes in various industries.
  15. Contribution to Society: Research conducted in a dissertation can have practical applications and contribute to addressing societal issues and challenges.

Ultimately, the international business dissertation writing process is a transforming one that gives students a variety of skills and information that will help them both academically and professionally throughout their lives.


For students hoping to have a big impact in the area, picking an engaging dissertation topic in international business is essential. The top 10 dissertation topics offer a wide range of research subjects, enabling students to investigate important challenges and contribute to the field of international business. A fruitful and instructive study journey might result from selecting a topic that is in line with personal interests, makes use of modern trends, and solves practical problems.

When choosing a topic, students should carefully assess its relevance, viability, and potential for practical application. Additionally, enlisting the aid of professors and doing exhaustive literature reviews can raise the standard and originality of the research. International business students have the chance to delve into fascinating areas of study and contribute significantly to the constantly changing field of global business by focusing on these top dissertation topics. Their dissertations have the potential to be useful tools for academics, practitioners, and policymakers, opening the door to a rewarding career in the area of international business.


What are some of the hot topics for an MBA dissertation?

The following are some more popular MBA dissertation topics:

  1. 1. The effect of artificial intelligence on corporate strategies.
  2. Business sustainability and corporate social responsibility.
  3. The part technology plays in supply chain administration.
  4. The impact of e-commerce on conventional retail.
  5. The effects of financial technology (FinTech) on the financial sector.
  6. Entrepreneurship and innovation in the digital era.
  7. Researching startup success determinants.
  8. Leadership philosophies and how they affect how well an organisation performs.
  9. International business strategy and globalisation.
  10. The use of big data and business analytics in decision-making.

What is the basic format of a dissertation?

A dissertation’s basic structure usually consists of an introduction, literature review, methodology, results or findings, discussion, conclusion, and references list. The precise format, however, may change based on the institution and the area of study.

How important are correct citations in dissertation?

Correct citations are essential in a dissertation since they:

  • Give original writers and sources due credit.
  • Acknowledgments in dissertation
  • Increase the research’s validity and trustworthiness.
  • Assist readers in locating and confirming the provided data.
  • Practise academic honesty and refrain from plagiarism.

Is it possible to write a 10k word dissertation in 2 days?

Writing a 10,000-word dissertation in two days is extremely difficult and not advised. To write a top-notch dissertation, it is essential to allot enough time for research, analysis, and writing.

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