Describe Different Types of Accidents and Sudden Illness That May Occur In Own Work Setting

Course – Level 3 Diploma in Adult Care

Unit 302 – Promote Health, Safety and Wellbeing in Care Settings

Learning Outcome 3: Understand Procedures for Responding to Accidents and Sudden Illness

Assessment Criteria 3.1: Describe Different Types of Accidents and Sudden Illness That May Occur In Own Work

Describe Different Types of Accidents and Sudden Illness That May Occur In Own Work Setting

3.1 Describe Different Types of Accidents and Sudden Illness That May Occur In Own Work Setting

Your workplace can have many possibilities for accidents and unexpected diseases. The most frequent include medical emergencies, chemical spills or exposure, trips, falls, fires, and burns. These possible accidents and sudden illness in the workplace should be recognized, and measures should be taken to avoid them.

Understanding the Importance of Health and Safety at Work Act

Laws are created so that everyone in society is aware of what activities are acceptable and unacceptable. Laws govern all parts of our lives. This includes protecting the health and safety of individuals who work and others who are impacted by their activities.

The Health and Safety at Work etc. Act of 1974 establishes the legal duties and responsibilities that each individual on the work premises must fulfill to operate safely. Due to the broad scope of this legislation, additional topic-specific “regulations” have been implemented to help ensure workplace safety.

Describe Different Types of Accidents and Sudden Illness in Care Setting


When someone with epilepsy has a seizure, the protocol would be to grab their hand to prevent them from injuring themselves until the seizure ends. It should also be clear that the person’s integrity is valued. You must follow the protocols specified in your employer’s agreed-upon operating procedures if you are injured or become ill suddenly. Let’s describe different types of accidents and sudden illness in care settings to better understand health and safety measures.

The different types of accidents and sudden illness at work are below:

Trips and fall

It occurs when a person trips due to a cleaning staff member’s irresponsibility. For instance, not putting a “wet floor” warning sign on the floor while mopping or immediately after. A person rarely notices something like that on the floor when moving quickly. A trip or slip could be fatal on a slippery surface, like a stairwell. Your bones could be broken, and you might become permanently disabled.

Sharps Injuries

These events happen when a needle, blade, shard of glass, or cannula penetrates the skin. Such accidents frequently affect professionals in the healthcare or manufacturing sectors. When a machine is mishandled or misused without PPEs. Individuals have lost body organs because of failing to adhere to safety precautions.

Scalds and Burns

This kind happens when combustible materials are heated, ignited, or exposed to flames. Employees should handle all potential fire dangers safely, per recommended training. Having a strategy in place for reacting to fires is also vital.

Injuries Caused By Using Specialized Equipment or Chemicals

Hazardous chemicals can enter the body through skin pores if spilled on someone’s skin or clothing, which is how these hazards occur. Hazardous chemical inhalation can also result in disease or poisoning. Have a spill cleanup strategy and teach staff how to handle spills properly while working with chemicals.

Ensuring Safety and Preventing Harm

You need to ensure the affected people’s safety. Look out for the safety of anybody else who might be impacted by an accident or sudden illness. Provide appropriate help if the person is known to have a condition that could result in a sudden illness. For instance, you need to know their support plan and how you should react. You need to review each person’s risk assessment and risk management strategy.

Dangerous Health Emergencies

An individual’s health is in danger if the following circumstances occur:

  1. COMA
  2. Foodborne illness
  3. Epileptic fit
  4. Fainting
  5. Fractures and Bleeding
  6. Stroke

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