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As a student you might’ve heard about a comprehensive academic paper, known as dissertation, which is requisite for graduate. It holds a significant chunk of your final grade. Moreover, you probably would’ve heard about how difficult and time-consuming this paper is. A good dissertation might become a bridge between you and a scholarship for further studies. Therefore, professional guidance and help are extremely important if you want to ace your dissertation. UK Assignment Help is an established brand and has been providing dissertation writing services for almost a decade to students all over the world.

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In order to write a perfect dissertation, you must know the types of dissertations there are and the ingredients that goes into successfully making a dissertation.

  • How many types of dissertations actually are there?
  1. Empirical Dissertation

This type of dissertation involves carrying out a small-scale research independently, in which you have to collect data from general public or targeted public. This can be done using interviews or questionaries.

  1. Non-Empirical Dissertation

This type of dissertation is based on existing data and people’s work already done. This dissertation requires a lot of reading from different sources for example books, articles etc. But the most important and probably the most difficult part is to have adequate analytical skills to analyse all the information

  • What is the structure of a dissertation?
  1. Introduction

The introduction provides an overview of the dissertation. It starts with a brief background of the topic, it’s relevance, it’s purpose and objective and what can the readers expect from the rest of the dissertation.

Pro Tip: Write your introduction after completing your dissertation, so you know exactly what in there in the rest of dissertation and can summarize it better.

  1. Literature Review

In a dissertation this is the part where you cite all the previous academic work related to your topic. These can be research papers, books and articles to name a few. Basically, you state the history of the work related to your topic, the gap in the knowledge and how your research aims to fill that void.

  1. Methodology

This is the lengthiest part of the dissertation. In this you will explain the overall approach and the research type you chose. You’ll also have to state the methods you used to conduct your research and the reason why you chose these methods.

Details about how the collected data was processed, what models or tools were used for data analysis. And lastly about the problems that occurred during this process (if any) and how you overcame them.

  • Results and Discussion

This section deals with the findings of dissertation’s

research and critically analysing it. the results can be in the form of bar graphs, pie charts, tables or any other statistical representation. Basically, any form of visualization of the result.

Along with critical analysis of the results, like what does the result means, it’s interpretation, how is it significant to your hypothesis and also provide explanation for the unexpected results.

  1. Conclusion

This is the ending chapter of your dissertation. It states that you achieved your research objective by emphasising on the most significant result. Sum up everything done concisely and prospective future research that can be done and added to this dissertation.

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