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150 Unique and Interesting Debate Topics

150 Unique and Interesting Debate Topics

150 Unique and Interesting Debate Topics

Debate is an act of sharing your ideas and thoughts on a variety of subjects. It’s a fantastic opportunity to offer your ideas on a given subject and learn from others.

Debating is a crucial component of communication that improves decision-making, presentational, and critical thinking abilities. Learning to present a case with persuasive evidence and justifications, as well as how to prevent the spread of rage and hatred throughout the debate, are the keys to having healthy debates.

Another thing to keep in mind is that debates can be made excellent if they are facilitated by interesting college debate themes. There won’t be an engaging back-and-forth discussion full of claims and data if the debaters aren’t heated about the issue. Finding appropriate discussion topics, however, might be difficult. So the thing is that you need to keep a balance between the interests of your debate team and what you think the public would find interesting, to compose interesting topics for debate and argumentation.

Choosing a Unique Debate Topic:

Before digging into the categories of debate topics, we need to know how we can choose a unique topic for debate.

  • Defining the Purposing: Establishing the goal of a discussion establishes the direction for productive participation. Whether the goal is to inform, convince, or take action, it is imperative to clearly define your aims and intentions, before choosing a debate topic.
  • Knowing your Audience: Secondly, the most crucial part is that when selecting a topic, keep your audience in mind as well. For instance, you may pick a topic that is inventive, and social if your audience is young, moreover hilarious debate topics, also are sites of attraction for young pupils. Otherwise, you may pick a classic, historical, and moral theme if your audience is conservative and elderly.
  • Evaluating different options: Using characteristics like scope, relevance, innovation, clarity, and balance, may help you evaluate and contrast your selections to determine which issue is most acceptable and fit for your purpose, audience, and context. Moreover, evaluating multiple options also may help to make you understand the significance of each debate topic.

The genre of Debate Topics:

Debate topics can be categorized into multiple genres, which further divide into a vast range of examples. However, below we will discuss some genres of interesting topics for debate, respectively.

  1. Social Issue: Include social evils like poverty, dowry, corruption, child marriage, etc, which lead to the development of a bad society.
  2. Politics: Includes choosing teams, selecting fights, and pointing out each other’s shortcomings.
  3. Finance: Includes personal debts, incomes, pays, as well as country financial issues.
  4. Education: Includes level of schooling, types of schools, education and religion, etc.
  5. Cultural History: Culture of different religion, their history and practices.
  6. Technology: Advent of technology, advancement of technology in the 21st century, and role of technology in the advancement of the world.
  7. Cell Phones: Includes cell phones as a necessity as well as pros and cons of cell phones for students is one of the most interesting debate topics for students, respectively.
  8. Internet: How much Internet has made this world a Global Village?
  9. Olympics: Different Olympic game genres, and their benefits for different countries.
  10. Social Media: Includes pros and cons of social media.
  11. History of Science: Includes the development and progress of natural sciences, geographic sciences, and medical sciences.
  12. Advancement of Medical Sciences: Includes how much medicine has advanced in the cure and treatment of various diseases from the last century.
  13. Health Issues: Some diseases are taboo for society.
  14. Human Rights: Why human rights are important, how they are violated in today’s world, and protect human rights.
  15. LGBTQ: The most liked and controversial topic of discussion in today’s world.
  16. Feminism: Position of women in society including the workplace, transitioning families, men violating women’s rights as well as the protection of women’s rights by strong feminist people.
  17. Drug Addiction: Illegal use of medicinal drugs as well as nicotinic drugs.
  18. Astronomy: The study of stars is one of the favorite subjects of discussion for many people.
  19. Comedy: Includes hilarious debate topics, for making people laugh.
  20. Ethics and Morals: Includes understanding of moral values either by Books or Scholars, their violation as well as protection.

Discussing Debate Topics:

Social Issues:

A social issue is a situation that negatively impacts people’s personal or social life, and the well-being of communities or bigger groups within a society, and the nature, causes, or solutions to it are typically disputed by the general public. Social problems and social issues are commonly used interchangeably.

It is important to keep in mind that social issues frequently have intersecting roots and consequences and are difficult to neatly categorize.

Some of the social issue debate topics that are found to be quite controversial as well are as follows:

  1. Impact of Poverty on Mental Health
  2. Relationship between Poverty and Crime
  3. It is time to outlaw cigarettes.
  4. The death penalty
  5. Is child marriage acceptable?
  6. How corruption has affected local people?
  7. Dowry is not acceptable in society
  8. Globalization and Inequality


Political discourse and discussion are essential components of every democratic society.

Some of the political debate topics are enlisted below:

  1. It should be mandatory for all citizens to do national public service.
  2. Can political differences cause friendships to end?
  3. Should we do away with monarchies?
  4. Must political parties reveal the sources of their money for campaigns?
  5. Should politicians be required to complete training?
  6. Do women’s quotas in government make sense?
  7. Should lobbying operations be subject to more stringent regulations?
  8. Which kind of nonviolent protest works the best?
  9. Which strategies work best to encourage marginalized populations to participate in politics?
  10. What is the most crucial attribute a leader of a nation should possess?
  11. What is the nation’s most urgent political problem at the moment?
  12. What type of government is preferable, “big” or “small”?


Finance topic is indeed a site of interest for some pupils, however, some of the debated topics are:

  1. Has the state of the world economy benefited or suffered from globalization?
  2. Should nations put their industries ahead of foreign trade?
  3. Is it better for central banks to become involved in the economy or is it better to let free market forces work?
  4. Can the instruments of current monetary policy, such as quantitative easing, effectively manage the stability of the economy?
  5. What laws, if any, ought to be put into place to combat wealth inequality?
  6. Is wealth disparity a result of a free-market economy or is it intrinsically bad?


The topic of discussion in education is how to guarantee that all students have access to high-quality instruction. Discussions over the curriculum, teacher compensation, school policies, sports, uniforms, and homework are examples of this. It might also include arguments on the structure of the educational system at the federal level and whether or not higher education should be provided at no cost.

Some examples are:

  1. Schools shouldn’t be able to host public prayers.
  2. Uniforms for school should be mandatory.
  3. How UK Assignment Help, is assisting students academically?
  4. Why the use of standardized testing needs to end?
  5. Every student ought to work an internship or have a job after school.
  6. All year long, the school ought to be in session.
  7. Every high school athlete needs to submit to a drug test.
  8. There should be no more detention.
  9. Boarding schools should be the norm for all kids.
  10. In schools, sexual education needs to be required.
  11. Are E-learning apps frequently used by students in schools?
  12. Can I Write My Assignment, using E-learning apps?


Examples of debates related to technology include:

  1. Artificial intelligence development will benefit humanity.
  2. If I need to Do My Assignment, how will technology help me?
  3. Technology should be developed by humans to explore and settle other worlds.
  4. Authorities ought to spend money on alternate energy sources.
  5. Restoring net neutrality is necessary.
  6. Radiation from cell phones is harmful and ought to be avoided.

Cell phone:

Some of the debate examples are as follows:

  1. Should mobile phones be allowed in schools?
  2. How mobile phones are affecting the health of the young generation?
  3. Mobile phones in the 21st
  4. Can mobile phones help me Buy Assignment in one click?

Health Problems:

Site of attraction for medical field-related people, examples include:

  1. Topics for Health Debate
  2. Everyone should have access to healthcare.
  3. Health insurance should pay for cosmetic operations.
  4. Vegetarians ought to be everyone.
  5. It’s time to outlaw euthanasia.
  6. The legal drinking age ought to be eighteen.
  7. It should be illegal to vape.
  8. It is appropriate to outlaw smoking in public areas.
  9. It should be lawful for people to need vaccinations.
  10. It is time to classify obesity as a sickness.
  11. Legalization of the sale of human organs is necessary.
  12. The over-the-counter selling of birth control is appropriate.

Funny debate Topics:

Funny and hilarious debate topics help to spread joy to the world, examples include:

  1. Is it better to hang toilet paper below or above?
  2. Does drinking a liquid require using a straw?
  3. Is it inappropriate to pair sandals with socks?
  4. Does pineapple suit pizza?
  5. Cats and Dogs are the same.
  6. Humans and animal’s similarities.

Ethics and morals:

Some of the examples include:

  1. Is it acceptable to employ military force to further humanitarian goals?
  2. Is it morally acceptable to carry out targeted drone killings?
  3. Is it morally immoral for advertisers to utilize psychological and persuasive techniques?
  4. Is it improper for governments to keep an eye on its population via surveillance technologies?
  5. Is it appropriate for hiring managers to base a candidate’s employment choices only on appearance?
  6. Are planned unions morally, right?
  7. Is it morally permissible to choose a child’s traits through reproductive technology?


Debate topics include:

  1. The existence of multiverses and parallel worlds
  2. Hawkin’s radiation and supermassive blackhole hypothesis.
  3. The general theory of relativity
  4. The Big Bang theory what exists outside of the visible cosmos
  5. subjects related to dark energy and the expansion and contraction of the cosmos.
  6. Galaxy Evolution
  7. The Process of Star Formation
  8. The Stars’ Demise
  9. The Origin of Stars
  10. The Stars’ Life Cycles
  11. The Universe’s Structure
  12. The Universe’s Origin
  13. Dark Matter’s Nature
  14. Dark Energy’s Nature
  15. Looking for Signs of Extraterrestrial Life

Pros and Cons of Debating



A Powerful Mode of Expression
Debates are a useful tool for expressing your ideas and giving logical evidence for your arguments. It helps to persuade your audience. For, instance through education debates, one can spread educational awareness among students. Multiple health problems that are taboo for society can be overcome if they are debated proficiently.
Preparing for a debate can be daunting and time-consuming, that why it scares many people.
Enhances Speaking in Public
Participating in discussions enhances one’s ability to speak in public, resulting in strong cognitive skills.
The enhanced speaking skills lead to the spread of awareness of those topics that are mostly prohibited from being discussed in society such as social events, early marriage, early childbirth most importantly abortions, as well as political issues such as corruption, etc.
May Turn Unproductive
Discussions might lose their purpose if participants disregard one another’s viewpoints.
Aids in Integrating Positive Attributes
The key to success is to hear well and listen well. It is beneficial to hear the pov of the opponent since it fosters tolerance and good manners and also helps you to know your opponent’s weakness. It also helps create awareness about ethics, morals, and culture which ultimately leads to the development of a better human personality.
Not Fit for Every Individual
Debates are only suitable under certain circumstances. Before a definitive conclusion may be made, some subjects might require more careful consideration.


In conclusion, debates are integral to fostering critical thinking, however, they might be daunting. The key to overcoming the challenges is to provide calm communication, integrate as much as you can life examples and prepare well. Debates are effective for comprehending different points of view if they are comprehended proficiently, and if they are dedicated to respectful conversation. Moreover, the debates also tend to create awareness about certain taboos of society as well as a source of motivation for many people. However, some debates can be controversial but the key to sway the audience is to give strong arguments.

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